Hatchery Automation (HAS)

In hatchery automation, we work in partnership with our sister company Pas Reform, a leading innovator and supplier of integrated incubation, climate control and hatchery automation solutions for the poultry sector worldwide.

By combining our expertise in automated handling with Pas Reform’s deep understanding of the poultry value chain, we have developed and refined a complete range of automated systems specifically to meet the demands of this dynamic and growing sector.

From improved hatchery hygiene and ergonomics, to measurable benefits in terms of cost, efficiency, quality and productivity, our Hatchery Automation Systems are designed to improve chick quality and hatchery results, with animal welfare, sustainability and safety as a priority. 

Built to last, easy to clean and requiring only minimal maintenance - all our Hatchery Automation Systems can be fully integrated with automated data management software to further optimise hatchability and process planning, monitoring and control.

A selection of hatchery automation products is shown here - or for a complete product listing, please refer to the website of Pas Reform.

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