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Lan ǀ Abar Handling Technologies is a Dutch based company located in Tilburg and in Halfweg. We are specialised in the design, construction, assembly and installation of handling systems.

Originating from a merger between former LAN Handling Systems and Abar Automation, Lan ǀ Abar Handling Technologies offers customized, turnkey solutions based on standardised concepts. Our focus is on food, pharmaceutical and hatchery industries worldwide.

LAN Handling Systems was founded in 1970 and became a specialist in the handling of packaged products in sterilisation processes and the automation of hatchery farms. Abar Automation, widely recognized for its robust and reliable end of line automation solutions for the food industry was founded in 1998.

Our customers rely on our specialism and flexibility while we help them achieve their business goals.

Logo LAN 400 Abar Logo 35mm
Lan Handling Technologies
Jules Verneweg 123
5015 BK Tilburg
The Netherlands
Phone +31 13 532 25 25
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